Cheese & Gourmet

Cheese Standards: Our cheesemongers love cheese, period. When it comes down to decision time, only the best make the cut. Since we’re a small, locally-owned company, our buying starts at a department level rather than from corporate offices hundreds of miles away. We choose cheeses that have no dyes, no hormones, no stabilizers or preservatives.  No processed cheese food, period.

  • rockville maryland, rockville town square, cheese, dawson's market, grocery marylandDomestic & Local Cheese: Our domestic and local cheeses typically start with small, family run homesteads that own their own herd, controlling the process the entire way through. These artisan producers don’t use any artificial colorings, dyes or flavors and continually practice sustainable grazing and cheese making techniques year round.
  • European Cheeses: European cheeses set themselves apart from domestic cheeses simply due to history. European producers have a long record of authenticity and tradition that has yet to change. Their high standards are centuries old and are so well established and regulated that purity comes without guessing. We typically select small production farms with traditional practices that have proven the test of time.

Gourmet (olives, chocolates, etc.): Items in this section are chosen based on popularity as well as customer requests and feedback.  Products here must always be clean of artificial and synthetic ingredients. We have a balance between larger producers all the way down to locally, handcrafted items.

Transparency through the FoodMatch program plays an integral role in the ordering and quality of our Mediterranean-based foods. FoodMatch begins in the fields and groves of small European farms working side by side with their growers to establish the best farming practices. From irrigation and pruning to hand harvesting and selection to all-natural, artisanal curing, FoodMatch is committed to providing delicious and natural Mediterranean foods that are a true expression of their origin.