Dawson's Market, Rockville Maryland, Bakery, Rockville Town Square

What’s the difference between our loaf and theirs? We use unbleached, unbromated flour in our cakes and cupcakes and whole wheat flour in many of our breads. We use organic whole grains such as quinoa, flax and chia that keep our bread nutrient-dense and  healthy for your family. Our sugars are always in their purest form, using natural cane sugar, organic raw agave or liquid cane sugar. And our grain breads are ground fresh so they never have time to oxidize, leaving you with the freshest loaf in town.

What we don’t make in-store we source from other bakeries locally. These local bakers, who meet our baking and ingredient standards, can help supplement our product line and provide our customers with specialty items such as gluten-free or raw baked goods.