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Kirk Schroder, Food Advocate

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Dawson’s Market announces the addition of a Food Advocate to our professional resource of people in our community who are passionate about the nation’s food system.  Our goal is to continually contribute to the knowledge and experience that guides us along the journey of understanding the pitfalls of that path and the roads to travel for optimal personal and environmental health.  Meet, Kirk Schroder.

We are proud and grateful to announce Kirk as our Food Advocate. A position that a store like ours, that constantly aspires to stay at the forefront of healthy living, provides to our customers.  The mission of our Food Advocate is to educate and advocate on behalf of food, agriculture and environmental news, trends and legislation that have the propensity to affect our well-being for better or for worse. Kirk will keep us all informed, employees, customers and community members alike, with bite-sized portions of information, allowing us to stay in-the-know without spending hours poring over articles, blogs and Facebook posts.  We don’t know about you, but that’s a big relief to us!  Time is precious but knowledge is power.

Who is Kirk?

Kirk is not only our advocate when it comes to great food and great health; he is also an advocate in his professional life as an attorney and as someone who has extensive experience in public policy matters. In addition to his law degree from the University of Richmond, Kirk also has a Ph.D in Education from the University of Virginia.  He is a former president of the Virginia Board of Education and has served on numerous government appointed commissions and studies.  Kirk has been active in various leadership posts on many volunteer organizations related to education, children’s health and the arts.

For over 20 years, Kirk has been a practicing vegan. He is very conscious of good dietary practices and is a fanatic when it comes to reading labels.  He is a long-time loyal customer of our store and has seen our business change and grow from the consumer’s perspective.  Kirk is passionate about food policy and the issues affecting consumers who seek healthy and natural foods.

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