Mission & Values

Celebrating community through local and organic food. Dawson’s Market mission statement

Nearly every single decision we make in the store is based off of that statement. We know that every choice and every action will somehow, big or small, directly impact our community. From where we’re sourcing our food to how much waste we produce, it all comes back around full circle.

Our Business Philosophy

The success of Dawson’s Market is determined by customer satisfaction, staff happiness and local community support. We intend to grow our business by offering clean, high-quality products at fair prices, with exceptional customer service.

Our Core Values

Our core values breathe life into our mission. They are the foundation of what we believe in.  As a locally owned business, these values represent us, they represent our culture and they represent our soul.  Here are those things we hold most valuable:

1. Product Standards: Providing a diversity of products with an emphasis on local, organic, minimally processed and sustainable foods.

2. Food & Product Safety: Offering the highest in food and product safety through providing products with superior standards and clear labeling. We are a buying agent for our customers, not a selling agent for our suppliers.

3. Environmental Impact: We respect the environment. We recycle, use solar energy, compost, reward customers who walk to our store (or bike) and donate food waste.  We support sustainable agriculture and work to reduce the impact from modern day lifestyles on the world we share with other species and the world we want to give to future generations.

4. Local Love: Partnering with other small local organizations, sourcing local products, and promoting the importance of buying local throughout our community.

5. Community Consciousness: Engaging, supporting and listening to our local community through events and causes that support our mission and lead to positive change. We engage with products that do not depend on the exploitation of others for their success.

6. Animal Welfare: Supporting animal welfare through ethical and well-informed product choices.

7. Steward Respect: We are committed to diversity and equality. Providing a workplace where entrepreneurial spirit is fostered and decision-making is streamlined by a collaborative management style. We strive to be a responsible and ethical employer.

8. Paying it Forward: Successfully and genuinely executing our mission, supporting our stewards, providing to our customers and giving back to our local community through profitability.