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Within this department are true lovers and connoisseurs of all things that delight the palate and senses. We’re a combination of wine lovers, beer lovers, chocolate lovers and cheese lovers with one goal in mind — share what we love with you. Our shelf space is small, so we’re very picky about what ends up on them. Stock up this holiday season, and save 10% off when you buy 6 bottles of wine — plus a free wine bag on us.

Wine Standards: All wine is first tasted by our buyers before it is brought into the store. Wine must meet our quality standards in terms of authenticity, varietal correctness, and growing methods. We look for wines with personality, that has a story to tell- they must possess a sense of “place”, also known as terroir.

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Our wine selection is balanced. We do not go by press, media or “points” as many other wines shops do. All tasting notes are written by our expert wine buyers and updated regularly. We offer personal opinions, tasting notes and pairing for each wine upon request.

We do not buy mass produced wines that are consistently the same year after year. Instead, we look for small, family-oriented wines with a sense of tradition and history that change based on climate and environment.  We love organic and biodynamic wines and buy these whenever possible. As with other products, wine that is labeled “organic” can still be inauthentically mass-produced, thus we do not buy organic wine based solely on labeling.

  • Local Wines: We also support our local wine growing industry in a large way and are always expanding our Maryland /Virginia sections. Supporting smaller wineries with a more hands-on approach is a key part of our mission and strengthens our relationships with our local vineyards and producers.

Beer Standards: We’re committed to small-scale, local, regional and craft breweries that put dedication and creativity into each brew they create, no matter how big the order is. We look for beers and ales that don’t use large amounts of fillers and artificial ingredients, beers that have hand selected ingredients that we can taste with every sip. We put an emphasis on seasonality, with styles of beer represented at appropriate times of the year.  Small Belgians, eclectic breweries and limited batches are the pride and joy of the beer department. We carry all local breweries available to us and also provide a selection of gluten-free and non-alcoholic beers available to our customers.

  • Local BreweriesWe’re lucky enough to be home to many local breweries that celebrate these same standards. In fact, some of our favorite beers come from in and around the region. If you’re looking for something tasty that comes from around these parts, just ask one of our stewards.

Sip while you shop: Dawson’s Market offers Beer and Wine by the glass to enjoy in the store or at our Outside Patio. Plus we have beer on tap and offer 64oz Growler refills. This is your opportunity to take home unique beers that are typically only found in bars or at  breweries and not sold in bottles. Check out our calendar for upcoming beer and wine events including Beer Club, Winery and Brewery Tours, Tastings, Special Pairings, and Guest Speakers. We also host private events and parties in our café! Please stop at customer service for details.