In the Store

dawson stourtour from Dawson's Market on Vimeo.

At Dawson’s, we like to get fresh with our customers.

Fresh is the name of the game and at Dawson’s each department boasts a large selection of local and organic products that are always fresh, flavorful, packed with the most nutritional value possible, and clearly marked as to their origin and certification.

Here you can shop for local and organic produce, meticulously selected wine & beer, local and organic dairy, grocery staples, sustainably raised meats, gluten-free, whole grain, and vegan baked goods, fresh-made prepared foods, vitamins, bulk goods, and beauty products, all under one roof and all adhering to the most strict of product standards.

If you have any questions, grab one of our stewards and they’ll be happy to help!

And browse our department below:

Feeling a bit lost? We’ve made a handy store map to help you figure things out.