Vitamins & Supplements

Over the years, a lot has changed in our supplement and body care industry. Many ingredients are now being mass-produced in labs from synthetic starters and ingredients that are unfamiliar to our bodies. It’s these ingredients and practices that we simply say, “No” to. Instead we take a much simpler approach to supplements and body care.

Honest ingredients: In today’s supplement and body care industry, reading the fine print is more important than ever.  We have carefully evaluated our body care and supplement lines to establish strict criteria for product inclusion on our shelves.

Products must be:

1. Created with minimally processed oils, herbs, milks and minerals that remain as close to their natural state as possible.

2. Contain no parabens or other harmful chemical preservatives or fillers.

3. Known in it’s entirety (ingredients and use) by our “Nourish” stewards.

4. Safe, holistic, and have minimal or no side effects.

The promise of honest answers: If we don’t know the answer to your question, we’ll research it together with one of our many trusted references and find a supplement that’s right for you. We’re not doctors, but our dedication to holistic, natural and safe health is our passion and priority.

What we don’t put in our body is just as important as what we do: We first look at what the product doesn’t contain compared to what it does. Strict guidelines are held for every item on our shelf, which have been evaluated before they enter our door. We pay close attention to every ingredient, offering the simplest, cleanest and most holistic products available. Our supplement and body care products use the same banned ingredients list that our entire store uses.

If it’s not found in nature, it’s not welcome: Full effort is put towards eliminating products with synthetic fillers, artificial colors, flavors, parabens and chemical elements. We only select products that work synergistically with the body and have no harmful side effects.  We source as much as we can from Mother Nature. We choose research-backed products that have proven themselves over long term clinical testing.

Fair Trade & no animal testing: We source certified Fair-Trade products whenever possible by buying from companies that have a direct relationship with their farmers. This practice strengthens communities, protects the environment and allows workers to receive fair pay while developing the business skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace. You’ll also never have to worry about animal testing — it’s simply unacceptable at our store.

Nourishing the body locally: We often source many of our supplement and body care products from 100 miles or less. Some of our local Artisans even grow their own herbs right in their backyard. Supporting local farms and products allows us to give you the freshest, most trusted product in our area while supporting local business.