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Meet Our Local Farmers

DM 100 mile radius.pngWe like to stay close enough to shake hands with the farmers that provide our market with food, which in turn, brings you closer to the food you eat.

The USDA defines “local food” as anything that can be found within a 400-mile radius. We don’t believe that is local enough! Dawson's Market works within a 100-mile radius from our grocery store location. That means our local produce is grown, harvested, and raised inside of that 100-mile radius. Our locally produced cheese and milk? They fall under the same standards. We really do work within our community to bring you fresh food from farmers that work close to home.

Below is a list of the farmers and producers that help us bring fresh, organic, natural food to your table:



Our goal is to offer the largest, freshest, and cleanest selection of local and organic produce in the Rockville, Maryland area. Our commitment to local starts with a 100-mile radius from our front door, that encompasses small family farms and growers dedicated to sustainable farming and agriculture. Please see our local grower rating scale below. Anything outside of this 100-mile radius but less than 300 miles is labeled as "Regional."

Farmer Relationships: Our buying team visits these local farms and growers to insure product quality, growing methods, and maintain strong relationships for years to come. We're proud to work directly with Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia farmers to ensure that local products are available to our customers year round and local farmers can continue to grow.

Organic Produce: Our commitment to organic produce starts with a transparent method of buying that sources locally (within 100 miles) regionally (101 – 3oo miles), the United States and occasionally overseas. With a growing demand for organic produce, we work closely with our vendors to make sure this quality remains intact. All of our organic produce is audited and certified by a USDA-accredited agent.

Conventional Produce: Occasionally due to seasonal availability and cost, we offer conventional produce. Conventional produce is always clearly marked and never touches organic produce.

Click to learn more about Certified Naturally Grown Produce.



local-good.pngLOCAL - GOOD
This refers to family-owned farms located withing 100 miles of our store that use no spray or low spray. Farms that use spray are recorded in our records, including a list of what sprays they use.


local-better.pngLOCAL - BETTER
This refers to family-owned farms located withing 100 miles of our store that practice organic and/or sustainable farming methods and natural (non-chemical) based fertilizers and insect control.


local-best.pngLOCAL - BEST
This refers to family-owned farms located withing 100 miles of our store that are USDA Certified Organic or Certified Naturally Grown.


This refers to family-owned farms outside of our 100 mile radius, but within 300 miles. This still includes much of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.


When you see an organic integrity pin, know that it is only placed on items that are 100% USDA Certified Organic, no exceptions.


certified-naturally-grown.pngCERTIFIED NATURALLY GROWN
This pin represents a grassroots alternative to certified organic. It is a non-profit organization offering certification tailored for small-scale, direct-market farmers and beekeepers using natural methods.