Who We Are

Dawson’s Market is a local natural foods grocery store run by a closely-knit community of food lovers, localists, and environmentalists.  Our market is located in the heart of Rockville, Maryland - Rockville Town Square.

Working as a community, we all stand behind the same mission: To be the heart and soul of our community through a strong commitment to local and organic foods.

Our market is an extension of who we are and the lifestyles we promote.  Our employees have a passion for food and are deeply involved in finding fresh, local products to put on our shelves.  They reflect our spirit in their daily lives through gardening, recycling, composting, volunteering, loving nature and being environmentally conscious.

We find that our community, our customers and the people we serve, maintain the same lifestyle and we aim to bring them the best that Maryland has to offer.  We value the connection we have with customers, local artisans, farmers and businesses alike.

The name "Dawson's Market" was born from one of the most influential farming families in what is now Montgomery County. The Dawsons paved the way for local agriculture and natural living in the Rockville community.