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Hot Bar

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 Today's Hot Bar: 1/18/2019



Pasta Completa *

Alfredo Pasta

Tsiona Green Beans and Potatoes *

Tsiona Yellow Lentil *

Dawson's Fried Chicken

Chicken Summer Squash Stew

Paprikash Seitan *

Orzo di Mare

Curried Creamy Tofu *

Butter Beans

Veggie Korma *

Sweet Potatoes *

Rice Pulao *

Tsiona Chicken and Carrots

Tsiona Ehtopian Cabbage *

Navets Mire Poix *





Cream of Mushroom

Adas bi Hamoud

Andouille Sausage and Kale


 * Vegan

***Hot Bar is updated every day around 11:30 and is subject to change without notice

*** No canola oil used in any of our Hot Bar items