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Shared Kitchen Rental

Welcome to the Heartbeat of Culinary Creativity: Dawson's Market Shared Kitchen.


Step into a world where innovation meets nourishment, where the aroma of fresh, organic ingredients wafts through the air, and culinary dreams come to life. Dawson's Market is proud to introduce our Shared Commercial Kitchen—a haven for food entrepreneurs, chefs, and creators passionate about crafting exceptional dishes with nature's bounty. Prime Location in Rockville, MD: just 2 blocks from the Metro, as a part of Dawson's Market, our Shared Kitchen is strategically located to provide instant access to a diverse array of high-quality, natural foods. Say goodbye to sourcing challenges and hello to the freshest ingredients just steps away. Elevate your culinary prowess with our commercial cooking equipment. From professional-grade ovens, mixers, refrigeration equipment, and all the necessary small wares, our kitchen is equipped to meet the demands of any culinary masterpiece you envision.

Flexible and Convenient Rental Options: No need to commit to a long-term lease! Our Shared Kitchen offers flexible rental plans, allowing you to book the space for the duration that suits your needs—be it a few hours, a day, or an ongoing arrangement.

Community Hub for Collaboration: Dawson's Shared Kitchen isn't just a space; it's a community. Connect with like-minded individuals, share ideas, and collaborate with fellow culinary enthusiasts. The synergy of creativity within our kitchen is palpable, fostering an environment where culinary magic happens. Have direct contact with the leading local-focused retailer. Benefit from onsite support, direction, and mentoring from our experienced staff.

Get Started Today: Ready to embark on your culinary journey at Dawson's Market Shared Kitchen? Contact us at info@dawsonsmarket.com to schedule a personalized tour, discuss rental options, and experience firsthand the possibilities that await you.

Join us in celebrating the marriage of nature's finest with your culinary craft at Dawson's Market Shared Kitchen—a space where innovation, collaboration, and the love for natural foods converge. #DawsonsKitchen #CulinaryInnovation #NaturalFoods #SharedKitchenMagic

We have a fully equipped kitchen which includes:

Commercial Convection Ovens

Two Deck Pizza Oven


12 Burner Stove

Multiple Prep Tables


Emersion Blends

Commercial Dishwasher

Walk-in Freezer

Walk-in Refrigerators

Full Sized Covered Loading Dock

Mixing Bowls

Cutting Boards

Assorted Steam Pans

Assorted Sheet Trays


Speed Racks

Dedicated Dry Storage Shelves

plus much much more


Access to all necessary ingredients at wholesale prices

Onsite support for anyone interested in entering the retail market