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Food Advocate:

Kirk Schroder

As our food advocate, it’s Kirk’s mission to keep you informed and educated on food, agriculture and environmental news, trends, and laws that are at the forefront of personal health.  Employees and you -- our community members -- are affected by any changes and developments brought about by new research or legislation.  We trust Kirk as he sifts through articles, blogs, and research to feed you digestible information that would require hours of work into researching yourself.  He’s a great help and a breath of fresh air!  He knows that keeping up to date with this vital information is key to Dawson’s commitment to community, and that we don’t always catch everything that comes our way.

Besides being our food advocate, Kirk has a rich background.  As an attorney with extensive experience in public policy, he holds a law degree from the University of Richmond as well as a PhD in Education from the University of Virginia.  He is the former president of the Virginia Board of Education and has served on numerous government-appointed commissions and studies.  Kirk’s role as a leader spans over many educational, children’s health, and artistic organizations.

A practicing vegan for over 20 years, Kirk is naturally conscious of healthy dietary practices and is a huge proponent of reading nutritional labels.  He has witnessed the growth and development of our company over the years from a customer’s perspective.  He is most definitely a valued member of our market’s community.

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